Darth Vader Plopper

Greenhorn fishing


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The Lightning Strike Lures Whopper Plopper 75 style top water bait is an all time classic search bait for covering water and zoning in on where the bites are on your body of water. The “Darth Vader” black and iridescent blue color on this plopper give it even more “fish calling” power. The plopper’s size is perfect for getting it around docs, right around laydowns, and near key bank structure that hold big fish. You can also use it to call up big bass on your main lake and secondary points as you make fan casts to cover as much water as possible. The classic gurgles and spitting sounds that this bait create drive big bass crazy, and they can’t seem to resist the Lightning Strike Lures “Darth Vader” custom color!

This bait comes standard with upgraded size 4 KVD elite trebles so you can fish it right out of the box. So tie it on, put the trolling motor on high, and post your pic of you with your PB top water bass of the year!