Radioactive Dolphin Spro Lil John

Greenhorn fishing


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“Radioactive Dolphin”- "Spro Lil John" Style Custom Lightning Strike Lures hand painted crankbait. This is a "Spro Lil John" style crankbait that will run 7'-10' deep depending on speed of retrieve and line size. The color changing reflective paint used in this custom paint job will mimic baitfish scales and provide true life-like flickers and flashes on the retrieve. The “Radioactive Dolphin”custom color is a truly unique paint job that pulls inspiration from the Dolphin and Citrus Shad colors made popular by many pro fishermen. This color scheme will make it truly versatile in all water clarities and bodies of water. The green-chartreuse belly will provide needed flash and fish attracting color pop, and the light blue top scales contain reflective glitter that imitates baitfish scales. There is so much to love about this custom color! Keith Combs used a similar colored crank at Sam Rayburn recently to win a Bass Master Open. This is a flat-sided crankbait, and its rounded lip provides some awesome wobble and shake when retrieved. This is a very versatile lure because you can fish it like a shallow diver or squarebill, and you can also fish it deeper like a deeper diver. Fish this lure super shallow and knock it off of lay downs or downsize your line and fish it super fast to create big reaction "Lightning Strikes!" -- This lure comes standard with Super Sharp KVD Elite Sz 4 Hooks.