Royal Purple

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Megabass S-Crank Style - Shallow Crankbait

"Royal Purple" - Custom Lightning Strike Lures hand painted crankbait. This is a "Megabass S-Crank" style crankbait that will run 3'-5' deep depending on speed of retrieve and line size. The "Royal Purple" custom color utilizes color changing reflective paint that will mimic baitfish scales and provide true life-like flickers and flashes on the retrieve. The gold shimmer sides of the bait imitate shiners, minnows, and other baitfish that swim your lakes. The purple color-changing back allows the light to make this bait truly shine! When it rolls and wobbles on the retrieve the color changing back goes to work to create flashes of light and true baitfish action that flat out catches fish. When the shad spawn is active in your body of water the "Royal Purple" is hard to beat. This is a great deflecting and "hunting" crank that will use its large square bill to deflect off cover. Fish this lure super shallow and knock it off of lay downs or downsize your line and fish it super fast to create big reaction "Lightning Strikes!"  -- This lure comes standard with Super Sharp Upgraded and Upsized KVD Elite Sz 2 Hooks.