Blue Flame 210

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210 Style Lipless Crankbait  
The "210 Style" Lipless Crankbait is a very versatile lipless crankbait that can be fished in a variety of ways. It has a thin built body that creates a tight wiggle that is perfect for colder water. The internal rattle system is loud and pronounced in the water to call bass in from long distances. This lipless is a "best of both worlds" style lure. You can straight retrieve the crank back to the boat with twitches and pauses creating erratic bait fish movements and commotion. You can also use a "yo-yo" or "stroking" retrieve where you allow the bait to sink and then violently pop it off the bottom creating a loud rattle and a fluttering dying sink that mimics wounded bait fish. Both techniques are critical for your fall/winter fishing needs, and both will produce big bites! 
The "Blue Flame" custom color is a versatile mix of fall and winter favorites. So much of fall fishing is based on the shad spawn, and big bass get keyed in on shad colors. Then, as the winter progresses lethargic bass love to key in on crawfish for a slower moving meal. The Blue Flame color combines both of these with a hot red under-belly and a color changing blue back that has Shad-like appearances. This allows the bait to excel in either retrieve technique. This is a color you have to see to appreciate! It has great depth and complexity, and it will surely bring in your next Lightning Strike!