Crankbait Fishing Guide

Crankbait Fishing Guide

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  1. Choose a body of water with a good population of bass and the right conditions for fishing. Look for areas with structure, such as logs, rocks, or weed beds, as well as areas with a good depth drop-off.

  2. Select the right rod and reel for the crankbait you will be using. A medium-heavy action rod with a fast taper and a low profile baitcasting reel work well for most crankbaits.

  3. Choose a crankbait that is appropriate for the type of water you will be fishing in. For example, use a shallow-running crankbait in clear, shallow water and a deep-running crankbait in deeper water.

  4. Cast the crankbait out and retrieve it slowly and steadily, making sure to keep the rod tip down to keep the line tight. Use a steady retrieve, with an occasional pause, to mimic the action of a live baitfish.

  5. Pay attention to your line and be prepared to set the hook when you feel a bite. A good rule of thumb is to reel in the slack in your line, then wait for the fish to swallow the bait before setting the hook.

  6. Reel in the fish slowly and carefully, making sure to keep the line tight and support the fish's weight. Release the fish gently back into the water.

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