5 Tips to Catch More Bass in the Winter

5 Tips to Catch More Bass in the Winter

Greenhorn Fishing

Typically, fishing for bass in the winter can be very tough; it requires a lot of patience and skill. Here are five tips that will help you catch more fish and increase your chances of setting that new personal best.

1.Put down your fast-moving baits and pick up a finesse jig drop shot or shaky head. When the water tempters drop, the fish are much less reactive and not likely to bite that fast-moving crankbait.

2.Fish in deeper water. Bass won’t be piled up along the shallow banks in the winter. 

3.Find hard structures. Bass like to settle along rocky or gravel bottoms.

4. Downsize your bait. Do not put a massive craw on your jig or a giant worm on your drop shot. 

5.Fish with a lighter line. A lighter line will provide more action for your baits. Bass are also less aggressive in the winter which means you are less likely to break your line.

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